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It was such a beautiful dish from House Chef – this was quite gentle so very healthful, but still complete of flavor. We am a large fan of lentils and am particularly really like beluga lentils. We first encountered these types of once i was traveling within the Mediterranean plus as it is rather unusual to find all of them in the UNITED STATES, I was happy when I noticed that they had been an ingredient within this dish. These people are smaller plus darker than regular lentils and are usually named because associated with their resemblance in order to caviar! This meal was very simple to create and just involved cooking the particular lentils as well as the rest of the veggies and mixing all of the ingredients with a good already prepared honey-mustard-basil vinaigrette. The taste combination was therefore tasty but the particular dish was therefore easy to place together. Also i should mention the addition of the Burrata cheese which has been an ideal accompaniment in order to the other components. Creamy and new and just ideal!

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