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This particular dish was really tasty and cooking food the alfalfa sprouts was interesting as it was a new encounter for me personally. However, We did believe that the particular dish was lacking some spiciness plus flavor.
The particular cooking process:
Stage One
Cooking the particular rice – In a small pot I mixed the black rice, coconut milk, plus ВЅ cup drinking water. I brought this particular to a steam, reduced to the simmer, then protected and cooked till the rice has been tender and the particular liquid had already been absorbed which required approximately forty-five minutes. Whilst the rice has been cooking I labored on the preparation throughout the meal.
Step Two
Planning the mushrooms — In another small container I combined the particular shiitake mushrooms along with enough water in order to cover them. We brought the pot in order to a boil, taken off the heat, plus let stand till the mushrooms had been soft, for regarding a couple of minutes.
Stage Three
Preparing the particular stir-fry ingredients — I diced the particular tofu into 1-inch cubes after which peeled and thinly sliced up the yellow onion. I then eliminated the mushrooms, arranging Вј cup from the soaking liquid plus thinly sliced the particular mushrooms. Lastly, We coarsely chopped the particular cilantro.
Fourth step
Cooking the tofu – In the large frying skillet more than a medium-high warmth I warmed one tablespoon oil. We then added the particular organic tofu, experienced with salt plus pepper, and prepared while turning sometimes, until lightly browned and crisp. В When it was prepared, I transferred in order to a paper-towel-lined dish. I did not clean the particular pan as it is utilized next to complete the stir-fry. As stated above, I usually choose the soft tofu.
Step 5
Finishing the stir-fry – Within the exact same pan which i utilized for the tofu I added the particular onion, seasoned along with salt and prepared over a medium-high heat, stirring sometimes, till the onion began to soften plus become a fantastic color. I after that added the lemongrass paste, stirred plus cooked until aromatic. Within the next step We added the tofu, the stir-fry mix and mushrooms, plus poured in the particular reserved mushroom placing liquid.
Lastly, We added the sprouts and cilantro plus cooked, tossing regularly to combine, till the sprouts were wilted and the water had thickened, which usually took about one minute. I really like the idea associated with sprouts in this particular blend – this made it much more healthy and additional a lovely consistency
Step 6
Serving – Whenever all was prepared, I transferred the particular rice to person bowls, topped along with the tofu plus sauce and offered. The smell associated with the cooked cilantro and lemongrass had been delicious and extremely tempting.
On a new personal Note:
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The result had been enjoyable, the shitake mushrooms and seedlings gave it a new lovely flavor, nevertheless I felt that was missing a specific degree of spiciness. В If typically the dish could have of which extra spice I actually think it would certainly are actually taken to be able to a different stage for me. A great important thing to be able to note with this specific recipe is of which the black grain, which I adore, takes more as compared to 30 minutes to be able to cook, which is usually set by the menu, and so the preparation moment of this plate seems slightly extended. Also, over a private note, I favor food preparation with softer tofu.

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